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Ocean to Table, Paddock to Plate.


Here, you live through your senses, you move with the seasons, currents and tides, enjoy fine dining after a big day of exploring.

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Our story within Wild Harvest is simple: It is all about the abundance of food within our region, King Island. Sea to Table, Paddock to Plate, in the pathway of the roaring 40s, a microcosm of everything pure; vegetable growers, beef, lamb, dairy, fish, crayfish, abalone, oysters.

Seasonal changes dictate culinary delights and are harvested and gathered under the restaurant banner of Wild Harvest. Our chefs transform the culinary delights of King Island into a gastronomical dining experience.

The ambience of the restaurant tells a story from the past to the future with a blend of new and old. Soldier Settlement scheme blue gum cladded shearing sheds are timeless feature walls, recycled baltic pine floors came from single men quarters of mining days. The rustic iron roof from the original tank maker’s shed now cloaks the king trusses. The overburden rock from mining days encapsulates the glow and crackle from the open fireplace.
Wild Harvest’s vision is to create a dining experience for Islanders and visitors – to share wine, dining and friendship in a relaxed atmosphere overlooking Bass Strait. Voted Australia's number 1 fine dining restaurant, by Trip Advisor, Travellers Choice 2022.


For those that have a spirit of adventure, a gourmet desire, or simply see the world through a lens, King Island Tours can take you on an adventure and immerse you into our unique way of our life.

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King Island is known as the GOURMET ISLAND and is a feast to the eyes and your taste buds as its amazing pristine scenery unfolds in front of you.

You will have the opportunity to personally meet and chat with the producers of King Island produce, dine on King Island’s fresh seasonal produce and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep at the King Island Wilderness Retreat.





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